Declaration on the creation of the Red Resistance

Declaration on the creation of the Red Resistance


We, representatives of various public organizations, parties, and militarized associations based on communist and left-patriotic principles, declare the creation of a single Coordinating Council of the Red Resistance (KSKS). The realization of the goals that faced the uprising in southeastern Ukraine: the struggle against the fascist junta, the oligarchy and for genuine democracy, now faces a certain opposition. We all know that oligarchs of all stripes are trying to begin to control processes in the LPR and DPR. Until now, the Makhnovism and simple banditry of individual power groups have not been eliminated, it is not known who created the constitutions of the existing people’s republics, which seriously lead away from the goals facing the revolutionary events in the Donbass. Unfortunately, To date, the ideological and socio-economic policy of the Union of People’s Republics (SNR) has not yet been formulated. The work of this Council will go in the following areas:

  1. The unification of all the forces of the CHP, which in practice are fighting fascism, for democracy and against the oligarchy.
  2. Party building
  3. Resistance to the Junta and the occupying forces.
    • Establishing contacts between various battle groups, underground and active combat units.
    • The search for the necessary cash and other resources.
    • Ensuring the effective work of propaganda and other non-militarized groups in the liberated and temporarily occupied territories.
      And as an ultimate goal:
    • The creation of a single regular army, with its own system of mobilization, training of personnel, logistics, logistics.
  4. Peaceful civil engineering.
    • Everyone obeys the law.
    • Create a power management vertical.
    • Adopt the Constitution of the SNR at the Referendum.
    • Create a people’s militia to restore and maintain order in the liberated territories.
    • Create a new monetary system CHP by abandoning the hryvnia, and the creation of the Unified State Central Bank (EGSB).
    • Nationalization of large enterprises operating in the territory of the CHR.
    • Land is state property.
    • Preservation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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