A member of the Political Department of the ghost brigade was killed


On the night of February 8, near the village of Komissarovka, under the shelling, our friend Vsevolod Petrovsky, an honest and smart Marxist, a historian by training, one of the few professional Ukrainian journalists who can truly be called a leftist, was killed.

Vsevolod made an evolution from a man of liberal views and a supporter of the “Orange Revolution” to an employee of the Political Department and a volunteer in the Ghost brigade. He spoke in sufficient detail about his life’s journey in an interview that he gave just a few weeks ago and which quickly spread across the network.

His parents left for the United States before the war, but Seva himself remained at home, becoming the local coordinator of one of the left groups. About a year ago, he wrote a long text criticizing the “laws of January 16”, but at the same time he immediately pointed to the chauvinistic and anti-democratic content of the “Euro Maidan” movement, became his consistent opponent, telling about it in his articles about the “Maidan” and “anti-Maidan” (“ Look in your mirror, Maidan” and “Reactive Psychosis” ).

In autumn 2014, Vsevolod became part of the Political Department of the Ghost Brigade, formed with the assistance of the Anti-Fascist Headquarters and KTV. Seva was engaged in information support: the reports he shot can be seen on KTV, and his voice sounds behind the scenes, for example, in the story of a volunteer squad .

At the end of last year, Vsevolod decided to join the ranks of the military unit and went to the front. On the night of February 8, 2015, Seva was mortally wounded during shelling by Ukrainian punishers near the village of Komissarovka.

We will continue the struggle against class oppression and fascist reaction, the struggle for which Vsevolod Petrovsky gave his life. Bright memory…

KTV team