New Russia is all of us!

New Russia is all of us!


The people’s liberation struggle in the Donbass for Novorossia in its hottest phase – a full-scale war – includes a range of the most diverse “ideological” colors. It would seem that yesterday’s “enemies” of the civil war of 1917-1921. today they are in the same team to death in battles against the junta for New Russia. More and more often my comrades ask me about my political course in this war, they accuse me of “repainting” or “poisoning” by the empire. That they say I sharply became a Cossack, then I was tempted by the ideas of “Russian nationalism” and so on. It was these moments in my life that made me find the time to write this material.

First, I will answer the frequently asked question: “Are you a Cossack or a communist?”


Father from the Don Cossacks, maternal great-grandmother from the Don Cossacks. Both those and those fought for the Don Soviet Republic. But what role does the origin play? I am a Cossack and a communist. I think this answer will satisfy the inquiring minds of those interested. There are no more reds and whites in the Donbass, wherever the tradition of certain formations would lead. The ideas of the Red Guard and the Cossacks are so closely intertwined that it is impossible to talk about any discrepancies. And this is very good. Because Novorossia combined the best ideas of the past and built a new ideological pedestal, which basically stands on two important components – the ideas of democracy and anti-fascism. Flags Don and the Communist troops coexist freely, and this is perhaps a new page in the history of Donbass. The Cossack moved from his horse to the BMPs and added a red flag to the Cossack flag. In other words, all the best of the “Russian world” we have combined here in our native Donbass.


Yes, this is not a revolution, but for now the national liberation struggle. The peoples of Donbass are fighting for the right to build their own international state. The idea of ​​the “Russian world” in this case is absolutely international, and not nationalistic. This is a completely normal right to self-determination. But in our case, not of the people, but of the peoples living in the Donbass.


I often recall my past years, starting with high school, when I first wrote an essay on the topic “Donbass as an independent state.” I often recall that I never had my own country, I was always in opposition to everything blue and yellow, I was always alien to the “national Ukrainian idea.” But I always loved Donbass, always considered it my country, as the Basques consider the Basque country or the Catalans Catalonia. Therefore, today I fully understand that the Donbass is fighting for what it rightfully belongs to. I love this land soaked in proletarian blood before and now now. I really understand all the fighting brothers here. Donbass brothers! Everyone who came to fight for the independence of Donbass, all of them are Donbass people! We are all New Russia!

Regarding the Don Cossacks, I was always impressed by two people who fought for the national cause – Mikhail Krivoshlykov and Alexander Parkhomenko.

Today in the Donbass there is not one force among the militias advocating the anointing of a new king, the establishment of estates or ethnic or ethnic hatred. But all are united by the dream of building democracy without yesterday’s oligarch princes, the destruction of any sprouts of fascism (Nazism), all are united by the memory of the exploits of the Soviet soldier in the Great Patriotic War. Here are those principles, given which you should understand the essence of the ideas of New Russia, and not get the skeleton out of the closet and scare children with stories of the past.


What is the real goal of today’s national liberation struggle in New Russia, if you remove any kind of idealism and romance? The goal is to free your land from the junta, which has already gone down in history as the murderer of the Donbass, Odessa, Kharkov people …. and their own deceived soldiers. Survive in this war and realize the dream of New Russia in its own republic of New Russia. This is the only priority for everyone.

We have the right to our own country, we already deserve it. Whether she is bad or good, but she is ours.


Eugene Wallenberg, OMBr “Ghost”.